User's Guide


By credit card

  • Payments cannot be made in installments. One lump sum only.
  • All charges will be withdrawn from your bank account as per your contract and agreement with credit card company.
  • If/when reimbursements are to be made past your credit card payment due date, the amount will be withdrawn from your account first, before being reimbursed back to you directly from the credit card company.
  • Credit card payment and settlement is done using Shopify Payments. All data is encrypted.

Shipment Fees

Shipment fee is charged.

Delivering the goods to you

  • You may stipulate preferred delivery time(s) and date(s) and we will do our best to deliver within.
  • Please kindly take note that depending on region/location, delivering on your preferred time(s) or date(s) may be impossible.
  • Please also kindly take note that delivery times may be affected by natural disaster, weather conditions, public holidays or the year end/new year periods.
  • Please note that customs duty is charged on you.

From ordering to delivery

  • We will send you an order confirmation e-mail to your registered email address once a purchase has been made at our online shop (E-mail may take a few minutes to reach you). Please confirm order content on this email.

    *If you do not receive the email within a few minutes, please kindly check your spam folder or your settings. If you have settings in place to only receive emails from known addresses, then please kindly take the time to allow emails from to reach your inbox. Thank you.

  • If you have any inqueries or concerns regarding your order and its content, please either telephone us, or contact us via this website.
  • Orders will be delivered to you within 10 days.
  • However, this may take longer in the event of public holidays or weekends.

Delivery address

We can deliver to any address in the country, be it your own, your relatives’ or your friends’.

  • Please furnish us with postal code, address and telephone number (cellphone OK).

Cancelling orders

Please let us know in advance either by telephone or by sending us a form through this website if you would like to cancel your order.

Cancelling before shipment

  • As for credit card purchase : Your charge will be immediately cancelled.

Cancellation after shipment

  • In case of credit card payments,we will reimburse you through wire transfer to your credit card.

If you re-send the delivered product to us with no prior order cancellation made this will not be handled as a cancellation. Full cost of the product, its delivery and redelivery will be invoiced.

In the event of long term absence or refusal to accept delivery

  • If the product is returned to us by the delivery company due to long term absence (with no prior confirmation) or refusal to accept delivery, we will still charge for cost of the product, its delivery and redelivery.